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Revitalize Your Oasis: Bathroom
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At Primaris Custom Homes, we love turning your bathroom dreams into reality. Right here in Las Vegas, we’re experts at transforming everyday bathrooms into special spaces that match how you live. Our work isn’t just about fixing up bathrooms; it’s about completely rethinking them to make them beautiful, useful, and truly yours.

We’re known for our work on HGTV and have even teamed up with the Property Brothers, bringing our mix of creative bathroom remodel ideas, precise work, and top-notch skills to every job. Whether you want to update or completely change an old bathroom, our bathroom remodel contractor team is ready to make it happen with great care and flair.

We know your home is your special place; a great bathroom should reflect that. Primaris Custom Homes, expert custom home builder & remodeler, is all about creating eye-catching bathrooms in Las Vegas, NV. Our bathroom remodel services are designed to meet your needs, mixing luxury with practicality in every remodel. We’re here to make getting your ideal bathroom easy and stress-free, paying attention to everything from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodel in Las Vegas

Why We Are The Top

Bathroom Remodeling Company

Local and Caring: At Primaris Custom Homes, we’re a big part of the Las Vegas area and treat every job like we’re helping our neighbors, aiming for the best results every time.

Lots of Experience: We’ve been building and renovating homes in Las Vegas, NV, for many years, so we bring a lot of know-how to every job.

Top-Quality and Professional: We’re known for doing excellent and professional work, so we’ve been featured on HGTV and worked with the Property Brothers.

Skilled in High-End Remodeling: Our team of bathroom remodelers is good at remodeling fancy homes, a skill recognized by others in our industry, so we always deliver great work to our clients.

Local Experts: We know Las Vegas well and understand what people living here want and need, which helps us do our best work for every local client.

Our Full Bathroom Remodel Services

As leading a bathroom remodel contractor, we provide a wide variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of people living in Las Vegas:

Tiling and Flooring: We offer a range of tile choices, from timeless ceramic to stylish stone, to ensure your bathroom looks great and lasts a long time. Plus, our flooring is designed to handle the unique needs of bathrooms, so it’s both useful and good-looking.

Plumbing Upgrades: We provide top-notch bathroom fixtures and effective plumbing that save water and improve how your bathroom works. Our team ensures that all the plumbing is good-looking, safe, and works well.

Electrical Work: We install safe and fashionable lights to make your bathroom look and work better. Our team can also add modern features like warm floors and heated towel racks for extra comfort in your bathroom.

Fixture Installation: We offer a variety of items like sinks, bathtubs, and showers that are stylish, work well, and match each other. We pick fixtures that look great and are comfortable and easy to use.

Customization: We create custom designs that match what you like and need, ensuring your bathroom shows off your style. This includes tailor-made cabinets, special storage options, and unique decorations to make your bathroom one-of-a-kind.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Company’s 6-Step Process

Initial Consultation and Design Briefing:

Step One: We begin with a personal consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and specific needs for your bathroom remodel. This initial meeting is crucial for us to understand your style, budget, and any special requirements you might have.

Outcome: By the end of this step, we will clearly understand your project goals and can start crafting a personalized design plan.


In-Depth Assessment and Measurement:

Step Two: Our team visits your house to check out your bathroom. We measure everything carefully and look at the plumbing, wiring, and structure to plan the remodeling work well.

Outcome: This step ensures that we have all the necessary information to design a bathroom that is not only beautiful but also structurally sound and functional.


Design and Material Selection:

Step Three: After our initial consultation and checking your bathroom, we’ll show you a design we think you’ll like. This will have the layout, what materials we’ll use, and a complete plan for the project. You can choose tiles, bathroom parts, colors, and how it’s finished.

Outcome: You approve a final design that you want and meets our professional standards.

Project Planning and Scheduling:

Step Four: We create a comprehensive project plan once the design is finalized. This includes a timeline, scheduling of work phases, and coordination of all necessary tradespeople.

Outcome: A clear and organized project schedule is established, ensuring the remodel progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Construction and Remodeling Phase:

Step Five: Our skilled bathroom remodelers begin the construction phase. This involves demolition (if necessary), installation of new fixtures, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, and all other remodeling aspects. We maintain open communication throughout, keeping you updated on the progress.

Outcome: Your bathroom transformation takes place with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the agreed-upon design.

Final Review and Completion:

Step Six: After remodeling, we’ll walk through the bathroom with you to check that everything is just how you want it. We’ll make any last-minute changes if needed.

Outcome: Your new bathroom is all set for you to enjoy, with all the special touches and details that make it truly yours.

This 6-step process from our bathroom remodeling company makes sure we always focus on what the customer wants in bathroom remodeling. It helps us create a bathroom that shows what you had in mind and makes your home more comfortable and valuable.

Bathroom Remodel Contractors Mastering Design,

Planning, and Project Management

We start our bathroom remodels by listening to what you want and need. We have detailed talks and use 3D models to make sure we get your ideas just right and show you how your new bathroom will look.

Then, we manage the project carefully to make sure we don’t disturb your daily life too much, keeping you in the loop with a clear plan and regular updates. Our bathroom remodel contractor team works together to ensure every part of the remodel goes smoothly and finishes on time. This way, we guarantee your experience with us is as good as the lovely and helpful bathroom we’ll produce for you.


How long does a typical bathroom remodel take?

The duration of a bathroom remodel varies depending on the difficulty and scope of the project. Usually, it can take from a few weeks to a few months to finish a complete remodel. We’ll give you a clear schedule at the start and keep you updated on how things are going to ensure everything goes as planned.

Can I customize my bathroom remodel according to my specific needs and style?

Absolutely! Our bathroom remodeling company is good at making bathrooms that are just right for you, matching your style and what you need. When we first talk, we’ll discuss what you like and your ideas for the bathroom in detail. This way, we ensure the finished bathroom is exactly how you want it, fitting your tastes and needs.

What is the estimated cost of a bathroom remodel?

The price of bathroom remodeling can change based on different things, like how big the bathroom is, the type of materials you choose, and how complicated the job is. After our first meeting and checking out your bathroom, we’ll give you a clear and detailed estimate so you know what it will cost before we start any work.

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